Carolyn Witek, 5a - Schj. 2011/12

Luck and Bad Luck

by Carolyn Witek, 5a Schj. 2011/12

Part 1


It s a wonderful day. Sammy is sitting on the bed and looking in the mirror. She is twelve years old and has got black hair with red strands, and she has got blue eyes. She isn t happy. Their lizard has died and she hasn t got a lot of friends at school. She has got one friend. His name is Max and he also has black hair, but strands of green, and green eyes. He is seventeen years old. Sammy s mother doesn t like him because she thinks he is too old for Sammy. Sammy lives in a small flat, but her father lives in a very big house with her stepmother and her half-sister. The name of her half-sister is Mary. Mary is a pain for Sammy. She has got blonde hair and brown eyes. Sammy doesn t like her.

Samantha, it s late, you must go to school!!!! shouts her mum. Ok, ok, I go to school by inline skates, it s boring by bus. Goodbye Mum! replies Sammy. Goodbye, Samantha! says her mum. Sammy doesn t go to school, she never goes to school. She goes to Max and goes with him to the disco. There they dance and at 5 pm Sammy must go home because her mum is waiting for her.

Sammy unpacks her bag and notices that her money is gone, all her Euros. She says, Mum, where is my purse? I need it. Her mum says, I haven t got your purse. I go to the shop. Goodbye. Samantha looks everywhere, but she can t find her money. She says, Oh no, my purse was stolen at the disco! But Max had my bag and he is my friend, isn t he? Sammy calls Max and he says, I haven t got your purse, eh I haven t got time.


Who do you think has Sammy s purse?

Max o      a pupil from the disco o       She has lost it.  o


I m very tired , says Sammy and goes to bed and falls asleep.

The next day she goes to school because her mum takes her. The teacher says, Samantha, do you want to go to school? She says, Yes, of course. For the next days Sammy goes to school every day and she becomes the best school girl in the class. She has got a lot of very good written tests and her teacher is happy.

When she goes to Max on Monday, he isn t there. Sammy goes into his room and what does she see?


What does she see?

Her purse o      a pencil o       a jacket  o


And then Max comes into his room, sees the purse and says, Forgive me, Sammy. I needed your money because my mum is very ill and she hasn t got a lot of money for the operation! Max falls on the floor and weeps. Forgive me, please, and now I have even lost my best girlfriend. Sammy is sitting on the floor, too and says, Max, you are my best friend forever! She hugs him


To be continued

The Black Angel



Angel fly,

look with her black eye.

A man in blue

has a magic shoe.


Monster says,

Come, Black Angel, go the way.

The way is short

and has a wonderful word.


The word is bad,

a wonderful hat.

This is the end,

sing in a band.


Carolyn Witek 6a