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TRIANET is the name of the international project "Geoinformation Systems and Electronic Communication Networks as Instruments for Environmental Education". It is part of the European programme Socrates Comenius. Since 1996 environmental instituts and universities of Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany have been cooperating in this project. Representing an information system for the environment and landscape ecology of the Mediterranean region the internet module TRIANET has been created for educational purposes in schools and universities.

The module is structured on the base of "Learnfield Nature-Culture-Society". Beside an internet-user guide and scientific working methods it contains basic knowledge of the essential subjects of landscape ecology like climate, relief, soil, water and biosystem. Furthermore the module shows environmental aspects of the Mediterranean area in general and as the core of the project more specific information about the three model regions Naxos, Elba and Mallorca.

Storing a lot of maps, satellite images, graphs, tables and slides with data about landscape pattern, relief, climate, geology, soil and vegetation the module gives an overview about the physical character of the Mediterranean area in its different scales. In addition to these natural science-based data the information system contains also texts about cultural, political and social-economic conditions of the three Mediterranean islands. On this way it shall promote a more integrated comprehension of the correlation between nature, environmental damages and the possibilities and difficulties of sustainable development and landscape planning in the Mediterranean region.

Main objective of the project-team is the foundation of communication networks and to start a discussion about the concept of "Learnfield Nature-Culture-Society" and its application for environmental education.

Teachers, pupiles, students and other interested people – please, take a look at the TRIANET module. It is written in a mixture of English and German. For better navigation and understanding of the project and its structure you can also use the sitemap at the middle of this page.

Welcome to TRIANET!


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Partners of the TRIANET Project:

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Alfred Töpfer Academy for Nature Conservation

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Naxos Academy

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Proterra Project Cooperation e.V.

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University of the Aegean

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Universitat de les Illes Balears

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Università degli Studi di Firenze

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Universität Göttingen

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Universität Hannover

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