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The Naxos Academy was founded in the Community of Khalki on the Cycladic Island of Naxos in 1994, by Greek and German scientists, founding members and collaborators of the Ecological Centre of Naxos (K.O.E.N.), which has been working on the island since 1989, as a non-profit organisation. The aims of the Naxos Academy are:

  • The co-operation with environmental organisations, associations, administrations and interested individuals on a regional, national and European level, concerning applied ecology issues
  • The organisation and carrying out of environmental education programmes and practical training courses
  • The encouragement and co-ordination of scientific research, the publishing of the results and the application in the region
  • The promotion of a low-impact tourism development (eco-green tourism), with an emphasis on nature and educational tourism. Our future plans include the foundation of a guest house (and coordination office) in the village of Monitzia, near Khalki

At our office in Khalki, located near the cross-roads to the villages of Filoti and Moni, you have the opportunity:

  • To find information and exhibition material about the natural and human-made environment of Naxos and Cyclades
  • To get information about the activities and the projects of the Naxos Academy and the Ecological Centre of Naxos (K.O.E.N.), to meet us, to pose your questions and share your ideas with us
  • To obtain the necessary information and orientation for the numerous and various monuments and sight-seeing in the surrounding area of Tragea as well as on the mountainous Naxos

In the meantime, the Naxos Academy realises a series of activities, among which:

  • Conferences, lectures and discussions
  • Seminars about the environment and its protection from the human-activities, as well as about the history and the cultural heritage
  • Professional training seminars in collaboration with authorised National and Regional Educational Centres (during 1996 we carried out a seminar entitled "Training of Guides for Walking Tourism)
  • Educational Programmes in collaboration with schools
  • Cultural activities for all ages
  • Excursions and walks to "unknown" places of our island, in collaboration with the Communities


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